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Thoughts of a Thirsty Troubadour Part 2: The Audience

I figure there’s no point in taking the time to write shit down if I don’t have an intended audience in mind.

Ultimately, I would love it if somewhere, somehow other solo musicians or artists could find these writings. Other than Pat Hewitt (see previous blog) I have no one other than my poor wife to listen to my problems, shoulder my complaints, or even share triumphs with. I am sure all of us solo-type performers would have A LOT of stories to share and could all provide some moral support and advice for each other. There are thousands and thousands of us out there all trying to find our little place in the performance universe and there’s room for everyone! Some just might need a little help finding their way. It’s my dream that this blog becomes a tool for people to leave comments and advice so that our way of life can continue to thrive. That’s a pretty big dream. So that’s one demographic that I’m reaching for. The other demographic is YOU! Maybe people will just be interested in the many different emotions, skills, and time that it takes to put ourselves out there in front of an audience. My Promise: I promise, in these blogs, to be an open book. Singing and playing 3–5 times per week doesn’t come without its share of emotions, doubt, laughter, tears, mistakes, doubt, sweat, and doubt. If you have a question for me or a comment…lay it on me. I will answer anything. No one is more aware than me about my place in music. I am small time. I am not the best musician or singer out there but I sure as Hell have the best fans and friends that someone in my business could ask for. So, I guess I’m doing something right, right? Stay tuned for more…. GG

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